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The PauseMe Bluetooth® Video and Microphone Controller (VMC) for Microsoft Teams enables you to take control of your virtual meetings in a whole new way. Use this button to seamlessly toggle between the “off” and “on” setting for your video and microphone on Microsoft Teams, you can avoid awkward situations in which parts of your personal life accidentally end up on the screen for your business acquaintances and colleagues to see.

- Bluetooth® enabled
- No downloads or software required for set up-- making it corporate laptop friendly!
- Compatible with Microsoft Teams on Mac OS and Windows. 
- Mobile, easy-to-use button for on-the-go moments
- Compact design: dimensions are 3.54 long x 1.49 wide x 0.55 high inches, weight is .93 ounces
- Our button works as a sleek hotkey, so you must keep the Microsoft Teams screen in focus for it to work!