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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions that buyers and customers ask us.

How do I set up my PauseMe? Am I setting it up correctly?

You can find set up instructions for the PauseMe Zoom here.

You can find set up instructions for the PauseMe MS Teams here.

What is the PauseMe button compatible with?

The PauseMe Zoom works with Zoom only.
The PauseMe Teams works with Teams only.

We do not have any plans to support Google Meets or other meeting softwares at this time.

Before purchase, be sure to check the product page for details on device compatibility.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts an average of 56 hours. (More if you use your virtual meeting less and less if you use it more.)

We recommend turning your device off at the end of your workday.

It only takes 20-30 minutes to get a full charge and be ready to go again!

How do I get my company's logo on the PauseMe?

We offer corporate branding on orders over 35 units. It makes for a great new hire gift, wellness gift, customer appreciation gift, or memorable brand giveaway to prospective clients.

Check it out here: Corporate Orders

How are you different from other virtual meeting controllers?

- Instant Set Up- no additional software or driver installation required, our button works as a hotkey so you can set it up with a simple bluetooth sync. Instantly use it without hassle. 

-Bluetooth- no wires mean you can take a break from sitting at your desk, walk to the kitchen to get a water/tea, go answer the door, and easily control your video/audio

- Controls audio/ video with a single click- you can easily mute/unmute and hide/show video with one click

- Patent pending elegant design- our elegant design and ergonomic and easy to carry with you as you enjoy being untethered from your computer.